Developing an Early Love for Reading Many families struggle when deciding whether to enroll their
children into preschool. But the early education option is designed to build a
strong foundation for future academic and social success. 


Bellamy Preschool Center
serves as the only exclusive preschool education
site within Indianapolis Public Schools, and it’s free! Our youngest scholars
are provided with high quality, preparatory pre-kindergarten experiences on a
daily basis, which will lead to a successful path in school.


To help Francis Bellamy scholars stay on track, more than 900
books were donated to students by their partners at Primrose School at Gray Eagle. Primrose students
combined their efforts by running a book drive and creating personalized cards
to gift to students at Francis Bellamy.


believes that learning includes raising children with good character, including
compassion,” said Primrose School Owner Mindy Smith. “We chose to donate books
to Francis Bellamy because it was clear from our first contact that the staff
were committed to the children and we knew, without question, that the books
would be put to good use.”


This act of kindness has allowed Francis Bellamy to begin
building a full library for its students. Prior to the book donation, teachers
had individual classroom libraries with a variety of books. Now they have a
space outside of the classrooms for students to visit and explore.


Francis Bellamy students wrote/drew more than 100 “thank you”
letters and cards to show their appreciation.


“This donation has expanded our students’ young minds,
providing them access to reading material that was not available to them before,”
said Kayla Heaston, a teacher at Francis Bellamy. “Our goal is to develop a
love for reading during their first school experience.”


“Children who are
able to read at home and at school build strong language skills and develop
strong foundations for school success. We are excited to be a part of giving
back to our own community and love the partnership with Francis Bellamy,” said


Preschool registration at Francis Bellamy is ongoing but
space is limited. Candidates for the program must meet the following criteria
for the 2016­–2017 school year:


  • Child must reside within the IPS district
  • Child must be 4 years of age by September 1,


For more information or if you have questions about Francis
Bellamy or other preschool options within IPS, please contact our Office of
Enrollment and Options at 317.226.4000 or visit our website.