This year instead of passing out traditional Valentine’s Day cards and candy the students in Ammie Daupert’s class at Daniel Webster School 46 will be helping out their community.

On February 13, the kindergarteners will be assembling hygiene kits for Wheeler Mission. The class started a school-wide drive to collect the needed items – travel-size shampoo, soap and more.

Daupert cites the school’s partnership with Kroger as one of the inspirations for this new project.

“Kroger supplies our students and families with supplies, backpacks and special holiday activities,” Daupert said. “I wanted my students to learn about giving back to others and that even though we might need help, we can always help others, too.”

“I feel good about what we are doing,” said Ryan R.

“I want to help people without homes,” said Juan R.

With help from students, staff and Kroger, Daupert’s class is hoping to pack at least 50 hygiene kits for Wheeler Mission.

We’re proud of our Daniel Webster kindergarteners and their willingness to help those in their community this Valentine’s Day!