CTC Takes Math to the Real World We all know math is a vital tool for continued success; it’s tough to find a career out there that doesn’t require math skills! When it comes to preparing students for the workforce, our Career Technology Center staff helps students fine-tune their math skills for a variety of opportunities after graduation.

Before beginning a pathway at CTC, it’s important to have a solid foundation. Students who enter pathways during their junior year are expected to have already passed the Algebra ECA and enrolled in either Algebra II or Geometry.

“If you already have strong math skills then being a part of CTC will allow you to truly understand and apply the concepts,” said CTC Assistant Director Linda Casey. “If math is not your strong area, then being a part of CTC will increase your skill level by taking you beyond the books and into the world.“

While some career pathways have obvious math tie-ins like Architecture, Engineering and Computer Networking, there are plenty of pathways involving various math skills. Nursing assistants require skill and accuracy when taking vital signs, automotive service technicians need a solid math background to ensure precision, and we all want our hairstylists to mix hair dye, a chemical compound, in the appropriate proportions!

The CTC administrators do look for students with exemplary Algebra ECA results to recruit new students, but scholars with an interest in a career pathway and the potential for growth through experience are always welcome to enroll.

“Students can often learn higher math concepts without knowing it because they are learning through application in real-life work situations,” said Ms. Casey.

We are proud of the hard work and continued success of our CTC students, and we look forward to seeing more of their real-world math skills in action!