A student at Arsenal Technical High School investigates something with a microscope. Students in Jamie Wolfe’s Principles of Biomedical Science class at Arsenal Technical High School are in the middle of a crime investigation.

They know few details other than that Anna Garcia is dead and they have to find out what happened using science.

Students, playing the roles of crime scene investigators have to investigate, document and analyze evidence to solve the case.

“I want to investigate and find out everything,” says student Feliciea.

Last week the students found evidence at the crime scene (including hair, blood, finger prints, shoe prints and various pills). Now the students must take the evidence they’ve found and analyze each piece to come up with the final cause of death.

“I like this activity because it’s cool to relate what we’re doing to what’s being done on some of the TV shows, like CSI,” says student Karrisa.

Each activity builds on to the next. Students will move from being crime scene investigators to DNA analysts, where they will look at the DNA from the crime scene.

“The best thing about starting with this activity is that is gets the students’ attention right off the bat,” says Wolfe. “They learn about Anna and they have to work the whole year to come up with a final cause of death for her.”

This class is a part of the Project Lead the Way Program, Biomedical portion. Currently, Arsenal Tech has 70 students in the four-year program. This activity is part of the introductory course, which offers students elements of human physiology, basic biology, medicine, and research processes while allowing them to design their own experiments to solve problems.

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