August 25, 2017

Attucks Ring Ceremony

SHOWING OFF THE HARDWARE — Players and coaches of Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School recieved their championship rings on Sunday, Aug. 13, during a special ring ceremony at The Jewel Event Center in Indianapolis. Below is a detailed look at the ring each player and coach received.

The Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School community came out to recognize and support its 2016-17 Class 3A State Championship Boys Varsity Basketball Team on Sunday, Aug. 13, during the team’s ring ceremony.

The event, held at The Jewel Event Center, brought the state champs back together with their coaches, cheer team, school staff, alumni, family and friends.

Attucks’ Athletic Director, Josh Varno, emceed the event, first introducing Head Coach Chris Hawkins who spoke about the key contributions made by each player during his first season leading the team and what the rings mean.

Crispus Attucks State Championship ring

“It’s very special to get these rings. Fifty-nine years have passed since Attucks won the state championship, and it adds to the legacy that was established in the 50’s and shows we are building a new one now,” said Hawkins. “Attucks is about tradition and Excellence in everything we do and this is another example.”

Jamal Smith, IPS district athletic director, spoke to attendees about the significance of the 2017 championship and how it served to rejuvenate and uplift an entire community. A commemorative video featuring players and coaches was shown, recapping the team’s historic road to victory, and showcasing the highs and lows that motivated their title run.

Next on the docket was the presentation of the long-awaited, and well-earned championship rings.Individuals were announced one-by-one as alumni handed each their tiger-adorned, championship bling.

“The look of the rings is unique, because we didn’t go with the usual blue championship stone in the middle. We have downtown in the back drop on one side, with our tiger in gold and outlined with green,” said Hawkins. “We just wanted to have the rings have the Crispus Attucks feel and look, and I think Coach Justin (Taylor) and Varno did a great job designing them.”

Members of the Attucks athletics staff received their rings first, followed by the cheer team and coaching staff. Players were called up by grade level, ending with the delighted class of 2017 team members who returned home from college for the momentous celebration.

Before everyone dug into a championship-themed cake, Attucks basketball legends Bill Hampton and Hallie Bryant shared words of encouragement. Members of the Attucks Alumni Letterman’s Club capped off the occasion with a generous $3,500 donation to the school’s athletics department, reinvesting in the program that has brought so much to so many.