December 21, 2018

Attucks Life Skills Scarves

COLORFUL HOLIDAY GIFTS — Life Skills students from Crispus Attucks High School knitted more than 20 scarves for the residents at the Salvation Army’s Ruth Lilly Women and Children’s Center.

Life skills students in Linda Thatcher’s class at Crispus Attucks High School turned a lesson about giving for Christmas into a real-life experience.

Attucks and Scarves

For at least an hour a day, students used looms to weave colorful balls of yarn into scarves that were delivered to families living in the Salvation Army’s Ruth Lilly Women and Children’s Center. The center is a safe space for homeless and abused women and children.

“Everybody created scarves,” said Thatcher, “even those who needed hand-over-hand help were able to do at least part of it.”

Her students vary in both verbal and physical capabilities. “I have students that are extremely impaired and then several on the autism spectrum, with most on the lower end of the spectrum,” said Thatcher.

The Life Skills program offers a natural environment for students with varying handicapping conditions as they work toward functional academics and day-to-day skills (laundry, job-site training, cooking, banking, budgeting, etc.) that will allow them to live as independently as possible.

Students made a little more than 20 scarves for women and children at the center.

Thatcher wanted to give her students, many of whom need help completing everyday tasks, the opportunity to show that they are capable of giving to others, and to experience what that feels like.

“A lot of times, people are looking for handouts. Although it’s nice to receive, it’s equally as nice to give to others,” she said. “It’s a joyous day when others get to see how much my students have to give. They all have such wonderful talents of their own and they (were) excited about creating the scarves.”