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Crispus Attucks Orchestra to Grace Halftime Performance at Gainbridge Fieldhouse

Crispus Attucks Intermediate and Advanced Orchestra musicians prepare for their upcoming appearance at Gainbridge Fieldhouse.

The spotlight will shine on the talented Crispus Attucks Intermediate and Advanced Orchestra musicians as they take center stage during halftime when the Indiana Pacers host the Golden State Warriors on Thursday, Feb 8, at Gainbridge Field House.

Led by the school’s director of bands and orchestra, John S. Hague, the ensemble comprises 30 students in grades 9-12. Their participation in this high-profile event is a testament to their musical prowess and a historic moment for the school, Hague said.

“A major prime-time performance for an athletic league team as big as the Pacers has not been part of our experience since I started teaching here at Attucks in 2018,” said Hague, who noted that he is proud of the student’s hard work and dedication to making this moment memorable.

The Crispus Attucks orchestra’s involvement in the Pacers’ Black History Month celebration aligns with the school’s commitment to using the arts to represent the diverse families within the district. Hague emphasized the responsibility of the historic school to contribute to meaningful cultural events.

Excitement has been buzzing among the students for the last week as they prepared to perform their two selections: “Big Boom Blues” and “Lean On Me.”

“When I think about playing for the Pacers, I’m grateful we made it this far because we’re reaching many more people with this performance,” said senior Cameron Williams.

Fellow senior Davion Pulliam echoed the sentiment, expressing disbelief at the incredible opportunity. 

“I can’t believe we’re doing this; I never thought we’d get a chance like this,” he said.

As the Crispus Attucks orchestra prepares to captivate the audience with their musical talents, the upcoming halftime performance promises to be a momentous occasion, showcasing the intersection of sports and the arts in the heart of Indianapolis.