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Crispus Attucks Museum: The Anti-Lynching Exhibits of 1935

The Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) launched a seven-month run of the nation’s newest exhibit focusing on the nation’s history with lynching at the Crispus Attucks Museum. 

“Unmasked: The 1935 Anti-Lynching Exhibits and Community Remembrance in Indiana” is designed to provoke a broader discussion about art and politics, hate crimes, the resurgence of white supremacy, and teaching tolerance.

The exhibit is a ground-breaking art commentary chronicling the courageous battles fought against lynching and serves as a stark reminder of America’s paradoxical past.

This cinematic journey through America’s past, ‘Unmasked,’ has been made possible by the Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable Foundation, Eli Lilly & Co., Dr. Alex Lichtenstein and Indiana University-Bloomington, Indianapolis Public Schools, Dr. Paul Riley and the IPS Facility Maintenance Department, and the Crispus Attucks Museum.


Crispus Attucks Museum       
August 15, 2023-March 1, 2024

Museum Hours (by appointment only)     
Mon–Fri 10am–6pm; Sat–Sun 10am–3pm
317.409.5281 or 317.226.2432