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Crispus Attucks Leads the Charge: Wins Diversity Award in Computer Science

Crispus Attucks High School has recently been honored with the prestigious AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award for expanding inclusivity.

The award from the College Board, a not-for-profit organization designed to expand access to higher education, acknowledges Crispus Attucks has demonstrated a commitment to inclusivity by achieving 50% or higher female exam taker representation in either or both AP computer science courses.

“Empowering our students through computer science education is key to unlocking a world of opportunities,” said Lauren Franklin, Crispus Attucks principal. “Girls, who have been left behind for far too long, deserve equal access. College Board’s recognition is not just an accolade for us but a testament to the strides we’re making in breaking down barriers.” 

 In 2023, a total of 1,127 schools are being commended for their efforts to promote equal gender representation, with 834 receiving the award in AP Computer Science Principles, 225 in AP Computer Science, and 68 in both courses. 

This recognition extends across diverse educational landscapes, encompassing private, public, and charter schools, showcasing the collective dedication towards fostering inclusivity in computer science education.