We’re excited to invite our community to continue informing our implementation plans for IPS Strategic Plan 2015. Though we’ve got a running start on several initiatives outlined in the plan, we must now further our efforts by establishing cross-functional, community-involved project teams to ensure our exciting vision becomes a reality! Consider contributing your time, talent and expertise to the most worthwhile cause – our amazing students!


Register now to join one of our project charter teams that will soon assemble to begin working to implement the strategies outlined within our Teaching and Learning and Family and Community goal areas:



Teaching and Learning

Charter ID

Major Deliverables

Ideal External Expertise and Supports

110- Portfolio of Diverse School Options

(Enhancing and expanding academic offerings for students, providing families a wide range of attractive options)

Attractive and competitive high school offerings, Newcomers center, Innovation Network Schools expansion, culturally diverse learning experiences for students, comprehensive strategic grade configuration plan


  • Experienced Educators (all levels)
  • High School Students
  • College Students
  • Demographers
  • Facilities Experts
  • Parent Advocates
  • Community Leaders


120- Student Services

(Supporting students with academic planning for success from early grades through graduation and while addressing their psychosocial needs)

Multi-criteria score card (district-level and school-level), advisor-advisee program, global citizenship, emotional intelligence and curricular cross-walks, personalized education plan template with implementation plan


  • Experienced Educators (all levels)
  • Social Workers
  • Counselors
  • Parent Advocates
  • High School Students
  • Middle School Students
  • Academic Advisors (collegiate level)


130- Curriculum and Instruction

(Ensuring educators have easy access to professional tools that will help them excel in their efforts to provide challenging, meaningful instructional experiences for students)


  • Instructional and classroom management offerings menu for educators, professional development review plan, instructional exemplars with rubrics, student perception survey and protocols for assessing quality of instruction



  • Experienced Educators (all levels)
  • Experienced Educator Professional Development Providers
  • High School Students


160- Recruitment and Retention

(Creating and implementing effective tactics to attract highly-qualified candidates and maintain a talented, motivated workforce)

Increased return on investment for recruitment efforts, increased educator diversity, career pathways, strategic compensation model


  • Experienced Educators
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Experienced Talent Recruitment Professionals
  • Experienced Organizational Development Professional



Family and Community

Charter ID

Major Deliverables

Ideal External Expertise and Supports

330- Family Advocacy

(Providing opportunities for families to engage with schools in meaningful ways; educating families on key issues and providing relevant supports and connecting them with helpful resources)

Menu of helpful tools for families; family-friendly events, informational sessions and courses, opportunities for strategic lobbying


  • Family Services Advocates
  • Parent Advocates
  • Community Leaders


340- Communication and Engagement Protocols

(Serving the IPS community by communicating relevant, timely, accurate and user-friendly information in ways that meet the needs of diverse stakeholder groups and individuals)


  • Online multi-function communication platform with analytics, target audience-driven communication using a wide variety of modes and languages, community-wide cadre for grassroots information sharing and gathering



  • Public Relations Professionals
  • Marketing and Advertising Professionals
  • Media Relations Professionals
  • Parent Advocates
  • Web Developers
  • Community Leaders
  • Experienced Public Speakers
  • Experienced Event Coordinators


350- Student Mobility

(Ensuring high-quality services and improving consistency in academic pacing for our most transient students)


  • District policy and guidelines, active task force of community partners, academic pacing and monitoring plan, transportation model



  • Transportation and Logistics Professionals
  • Family Advocates
  • Experienced Educators
  • Social Services Professionals


360- Leveraging Community Resources

(Cultivating external relationships and leveraging resources to improve student achievement)


  • Policy, guidelines and systems to bolster philanthropy, volunteerism and alumni engagement, annual giving report



  • Local Philanthropists
  • IPS Alumni
  • Experienced Community Engagement Professionals
  • Experienced Event Planners
  • Experienced Marketing and Advertising Professionals



Project Charter Team Membership Categories

Participants per Charter Team


Community Leaders



  • Instrumental in community leadership based upon previous initiatives
  • Currently leading a non-profit or faith-based organization
  • Experienced in working with IPS families


Local Business Professionals*



  • History of working in areas of Family Advocacy, Social Services, Counseling, Human Resources, Public Relations, Marketing, Advocacy, Event Coordinating, Professional Development, Public Speaking, Web Development, Transportation and Logistics, Collegiate-level Education, Talent Recruitment, Organizational Development and Facilities Planning
  • Currently employed by a company or organization located in the IPS district





  • History of participating or volunteering with IPS
  • Parent of a student currently attending IPS
  • Experienced or demonstrates a high interest in family advocacy


School-Based Staff



  • History of exemplary performance and demonstrates professionalism
  • Currently an IPS employee, employed for at least one full school year
  • Interest in academic improvement, talent recruitment, professional development, community services or family advocacy


Central Services



  • History of exemplary performance
  • Currently an IPS employee, employed for at least one full school year
  • Interest in academic improvement, talent recruitment, professional development, community services or family advocacy





  • History of involvement with at least one extracurricular activity
  • Currently a junior or senior on track to graduate and maintains a 95% attendance rating



Contact us to express your interest online, send an email to ipspublicrelationsdivision@myips.org or call 317.226.3225.