Aug. 11, 2017

Need some classroom painting done, some sprucing up of school grounds, or maybe a bit of organization in the athletic equipment room? Consider making a request for volunteer assistance during Indy Do Day, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Indianapolis.

Indy Do Day is actually three days — Thursday, Sept. 28 through Saturday, Sept. 30 — of people-powered community service that allows residents of Indianapolis to lift up their neighborhoods by lending a helping hand (or two) to those in need of assistance.

IPS schools in need of volunteers to help with school-based projects can visit the Indy Do Day website to promote a project and place a call for volunteers. 

Projects can be school or classroom based. Once your project is posted on the Indy Do Day website, prospective volunteers looking for ways to get involved can view your request and make a direct response via the website or make a direct contact to your school.

Additionally, if you or your students are looking for service projects to complete, these opportunities can also be found on the Indy Do Day website.

Project options include, but are not limited to: beautification, organization, service and media center.

IPS participation is optional, but schools that decide to request volunteers are responsible for designating a member of their team to register the school and post a project. To get started, visit the Indy Do Day 3 Step Quick Start Guide. For a video tutorial on how to register your project on the Indy Do Day website, click here.

The Indy Do Day event is an additional resource to help enlist volunteer help in our schools, so consider reviewing the Indy Do Day Took Kit and signup with Indy Do Day – today!