Indianapolis Public Schools is
honored to be part of the Kennedy Center’s Any Given Child initiative,
linking knowledgeable, influential community partners to enhance the impact of
the arts for thousands of students across our city. This winter, the planning
team for this engaging program is taking a deep dive into the state of arts
education in Indianapolis.

More than two dozen members of our community are
participating in the Community Arts Team (CAT), which is the group steering the
planning process for this powerful initiative. CAT members include school
leaders, representatives from local arts organizations, business leaders and
other community advocates. Under the guidance of experts from the Kennedy
Center, CAT members meet monthly to analyze data about the arts in our city and
our schools, set goals for the future of arts education in Indianapolis and
design a long-term tactical blueprint for bringing more equitable, engaging and
empowering arts opportunities to students. The aims of this exciting effort are
directly aligned with the district’s Core
Commitments and Beliefs
and IPS
Strategic Plan 2015


The initial CAT meetings focused on developing a series of
surveys to collect data on the arts in Indianapolis and in our schools. Team
members reviewed and edited surveys sent to arts organizations, school
principals and school employees in other Any Given Child cities to
create an ideal platform for local organizations and educators to share
valuable insights and important data. Each group (principals, school staff and
arts organizations) received a targeted survey to collect information on arts
education partnerships.


Goals of the survey sent to arts organizations are to
compile a baseline of arts offerings, gauge perceptions of working with IPS and
identify underserved schools. Fifty-three local arts organizations participated
in the survey; the information collected will help to inform the strategic
planning process as team members identify schools in need of additional arts
partnerships and supports.


Principals recently completed their survey, which outlines
the frequency and types of arts experiences provided to their students. School
staff members also received a short survey to help the team identify areas of
strength and opportunities for growth in the arts. CAT members will study the
results in the coming weeks before identifying goals and specific action steps
for the 2016-2017 school year.


The dedicated members of our Community Arts Team are
passionate about creating a plan that will have a lasting effect on the
district, and we’re excited to see where their work goes! You can keep up with
the latest news from the team at