5, 2017


During the April 27, 2017, Agenda Review Session, the Indianapolis
Public Schools Board of School Commissioners discussed several key initiatives,
including new playground equipment for two IPS schools and a new Reduction in
Force (RIF) policy.


School Reports

Innovation school management teams
presented their semi-annual reports to the Board. Innovation school partners provided
updates on academic achievement and school operations during the 2016-2017
school year. Those schools included:

  • KIPP Indy Public Schools
  • Enlace Academy
  • Phalen Leadership Academy at George Fisher
    School 93
  • Emma Donnan Elementary School



Quality Review

Aleesia Johnson, IPS innovation officer,
and Dr. Wanda H. Legrand, IPS deputy superintendent for academics, presented a
review of the work being done to enhance the current innovation Restart Framework.
They also reviewed current school support strategies and outlined the School
Quality Review (SQR) process. The presentation also identified the schools that
will receive a School Quality Review (SQR) in fall 2017.


What You Need to Know:

  • A SQR is conducted for schools that IPS
    determines are low-performing.  That determination is made by first taking
    schools that fall in the bottom quartile on their proficiency test scores and
    then, of those same schools, looking at the ones that showed the least amount
    of growth. 




Its Support Strategies                         



  • A SQR will systematically identify struggling
    schools and inform IPS-led interventions.
  • When performing an SQR, IPS is looking at
    qualitative data to get the story behind the low-performing numbers. Sometimes that
    story is good in that the low numbers are a big improvement over where they
    were. Sometimes those stories are not good. But, the district uses this
    information to determine what interventions are required.
  • The team will speak with families, school
    leadership teams, students and staff about their school to learn more about the
    culture of the building and the experience that students, families and staff
    are having. The team will also talk with school leadership about their vision
    for the school, how that vision was developed and how they plan to execute that
  • IPS intentionally performs these reviews
    ahead of the state so that it can intervene early and provide the support a
    school needs to improve before the state becomes involved.

Schools receiving a SQR for the 2017-2018
school year are:

  • Emma Donnan Elementary School
  • George S. Buck School 94
  • James Whitcomb Riley School 43
  • Louis B. Russell Jr. School 48
  • Washington Irving School 14
  • William McKinley School 39
  • H.L. Harshman Magnet Middle School



Lead the Way Update

Dr. Wanda H. Legrand, IPS deputy superintendent for academics, and
Ben Carter, director of career and technical education, gave an update on the implementation
of the Project Lead the Way (PLTW).


What You Need to Know:
  • PLTW is an immersive STEM program that has
    expanded to 14 IPS schools and plans to expand to a total of 21 in the 2017-2018
    school year.
  • Nearly 2,000 students in Grades K-12 have participated
    in PLTW.
  • The curriculum offers students insight into
    STEM career pathways.  Commissioners will
    receive a status report on the program and expansion plans for the new school
  • PLTW received $100,000 for the 2016-2017
    school year with another $100,000 approved for July 2017 and $50,000 for July




Finance Update

Chief Financial Manager Weston Young presented a financial update
to close the 3rd quarter of the 2016-2017 school year.


What You Need to Know:

 The 3rd quarter of the 2016-2017
budget continued to reflect IPS’ investment in strategic priorities and
requested additional appropriations planned for May 2017.

  • The 2017-2018 school year budget includes
    Student-Based Allocation (SBA) implementation.
  • Long-Term Budget Planning includes developing
    a sustainable funding strategy to finance district priorities such as employee
    compensation and health insurance benefits, textbook adoptions and technology.
  • Student calculations are based on weight

ACTION: Presentation 

  IPS Weight Calculation


Playground Grant Agreement

Superintendent Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee, Deputy Superintendent for
Operations Scott Martin and Chief Financial Manager Weston Young presented a
grant agreement to install playground equipment at Emma Donnan Elementary
School and Center for Inquiry School 70.


What You Need to Know:
  • The students at Emma Donnan and CFI 70 do not
    currently have adequate playground equipment at their school.
  • KaBOOM! Is a national nonprofit organization
    whose mission is to create a great place to play within walking distance of
    every child in America.
  • The playgrounds at the two schools will be
    constructed by volunteers under the supervision of a certified playground
    contractor hired by KaBOOM!



to Classified RIF Policy and Guidelines

Superintendent Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee and Board President Mary Ann
Sullivan presented new guidelines to IPS’ Reduction in Force (RIF) policy for classified


You Need to Know:
  • The Board recognizes that due to changes in
    enrollment, coupled with IPS’ instructional model and commitment to supporting
    greater autonomy, it will sometimes be necessary to eliminate certain positions.
  • When executing a reduction in force, the
    primary objective of the Board will be to maintain an effective and efficient
  • Changes in staffing at the school and district
    levels should be based on strategic decisions by school leaders in the interest
    of supporting student achievement, and should consider the performance of the
    classified employees.


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