“It’s been a delicate balancing act to juggle the roles of mother, wife, doctoral student, employee, and Commissioner,” Cosby said in a recent statement on her blog. “I cannot reasonably expect myself to be able to devote adequate time and energy to all of these demanding and highly important roles for the duration of another four-year term. Not to mention the short-term trajectory of my doctoral work will include writing a dissertation and the eventual possibility of relocation as I settle into the profession. Therefore, it’s time for someone else from District Two to prepare to represent us. I fully intend to complete the final year of my elected term by continuing to advocate for my community.”


Commissioner Cosby also noted she wanted to share her decision early in the year to allow plenty of time for strong candidates to prepare for the election season. You can read more about Commissioner Cosby’s announcement – and her colleagues’ reactions to the news – in this Chalkbeat article.


Commissioner Cosby is an Arsenal Technical High School alumnus and a strong supporter of the school. Along with Cosby’s steady advocacy efforts for the eastside school communities of Indianapolis, she has also been a vocal champion for diversity, equity, and high-quality special education programming throughout the district.