In their efforts to educate and support students K-12 throughout Indiana about college readiness, Learn More Indiana led by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education presents College GO! Week. Running the last week of September (21st-25th), College GO! Week will provide students of all ages with an infinite amount of activities and resources to help them prepare for college.


College prep isn’t limited to high school students. College is a big deal and students of all ages should start thinking about what they want to be when they grow up, and start planning how they will achieve that goal. Introducing students to the idea of college early on can turn their interest into a career field and help them develop strong study habits and proper time management skills to kick start their college prep efforts.


There are many things to consider when choosing the right college for your student. Is your student interested in a school with a strong athletic program? Or perhaps school cost is a major factor in your family’s decision, Learn More Indiana and school staff are there to help you narrow down your options. Many colleges have application submission deadlines of November 1. On October 23, students will have support staff and volunteers available at their schools to help walk them through the college application process. Students can apply to most Indiana colleges and universities free of application fees during this time. All high school seniors expected to graduate at the end of this academic year will be encouraged to apply for admission to at least one college or university, if they have not already done so.


Parents will have the opportunity to invest in their child’s future, tax free with the College Choice 529 Savings Plan; which allows Hoosiers to pay for their children’s future by making contributions to an investment account for higher education expenses. Be sure to enter in the College GO! Contest for a chance to jump-start your savings.