Carole Wilson Frye- Principal of Clarence Farrington School 61 Principal Carole Wilson Frye of Clarence Farrington School 61 is featured in a video produced by Eli Lilly and Company focusing on education initiatives Lilly sponsors in Indianapolis. In the video, Principal Wilson Frye speaks about the Teach Plus: T3 initiative that IPS brought to Indianapolis and that IPS and Lilly are funding together. Wilson Frye is using T3 at Clarence Farrington to improve achievement and develop teachers.

“The most effective thing that can happen for a student is an effective teacher,” Wilson Frye said, and implementing the Teach Plus: T3 initiative at her school is a great way to provide more effective teachers.

T3 stands for Turnaround Teacher Teams. It’s an opportunity for highly effective or experienced teachers to lead teams of their colleagues, coaching and helping them improve instructional practice and accelerate student academic outcomes.

“The work that we do, the work that IPS is doing in this city, it matters. This is the biggest way that I can see that we can change the world,” Wilson Frye said.

Principal Wilson Frye and her teachers are going above and beyond to do great work at Clarence Farrington. We’re proud of that work and happy it is being noticed by others as well!