Once a week students in the Dream Academy—an after school program—at Charles Warren Fairbanks School 105 have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a mentor from the community.

The mentors range from business professionals, teachers and even Butler University students. But for one hour a week these mentors have the chance to work with and mold 3rd-6th grade students at Charles W. Fairbanks.

Mentoring for many students consists of homework help or playing games together, while for others it means more reflection and future planning.

“When the Mentors come, they help us learn to work together and get better at things,” Robert O. said.

“I like when the Mentors come to the Dream Academy because I get done with my homework and I understand!” Diamond S. said. “I also like when we laugh together. They are very nice, funny and helpful.”

Dream Academy also does group mentoring on specific topics. This allows mentors to come in and share their skillset and introduce students to new activities.

Anyone interested in becoming a mentor with Dream Academy is encouraged to contact Tina Lewellyn at tlewellyn@usdreamacademy.org.