Center for Inquiry students learn about the importance of being a global citizen each school day, and the 3rd grade classes at CFI 84 take community service to an international level!

A classroom discussion on hunger around the world several years ago left Mrs. Deb Beam’s class looking for a way to help. That’s when they found Heifer International. This innovative charity presents a long-term solution to hunger by providing livestock and training to families in areas of high need. The global nature of Heifer International’s mission fit perfectly with the ideals of CFI 84.

“We study our responsibility as citizens and ways we can help others,” Mrs. Beam said. “In our lessons on continents and countries, we look at the geographical and economic reasons people in some areas don’t have enough to eat.”

This study track turned into an annual community service project for 3rd grade students. Each year they complete a series of fundraising projects and donate the proceeds to Heifer International. Students participate in Lemonade Day, they sell “peace rocks” at Global Night, and they complete their biggest project with a used book sale during the holiday season. Families donate books for CFI students to buy for a quarter.

The 3rd grade classes raised more than $600 this year. The service project ends with the fun part – deciding which animals to donate! Sheep, pigs, goats, heifers, water buffalo – there are a lot of choices when making a donation. The3rd grade students discuss the long-term benefits of each animal to a community before making their selections.

The hard work and generosity of the 3rd grade at CFI 84 will leave an impact on communities across the world for years to come. We commend these students for their service to our global community!