Center for
Inquiry School 27 teacher Ann Mennonno is doing some teaching just a bit
outside the district this summer … in Honduras! She is president of a
non-profit organization called Hearts in Education Teacher Outreach (HETO). For
the past 10 years she has taken groups of teachers, including many IPS
teachers, to Honduras during the summer to work in schools. She is going
again this year and taking several CFI 27 teachers with her.

The CFI 27 teachers
travelling with her are Kris Landmeier, Charlie Mennonno, Karla Reilly and
Hiedi (pronounced the same as “Heidi”) Rollins. They will be joined by four
teachers from other districts.

Mrs. Mennonno
said she started doing this work because “I believed it was hard to teach
students to be international when I hadn’t traveled much myself outside our

She kept
doing the work and became president of the organization because she “fell in
love with the mission and the country.”

Mennonno’s group will be in Honduras July 12-19.  They will visit 10 different schools and
deliver much needed supplies including, crayons, markers, paper, pencils, etc.  Each teacher will pack 100 pounds of

But supplies
aren’t all they’re bringing. “We will be modeling hands-on, inquiry based
lessons and delivering professional development to the Honduran teachers on
questioning techniques,” Mennonno said.

During their
visits the CFI teachers have the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be
a second language student, as they sit in on lessons given by Honduran
teachers. “During these lessons the CFI teachers will note what cues were
helpful to them to understand what was being taught. What was easy? What was difficult?
This opportunity helps us better understand what our English Language Learner (ELL)
students need in our classrooms,” Mennonno said.

IPS wishes Ann Mennonno and her group good luck
on their travels and their mission, and as much as we’re proud of what they are
taking with them, we’re even more excited to see what they will bring back!