August 25, 2017

CFI students look at the eclipse

A FIRSTHAND LOOK — Students from Center for Inwuiry School 2 watched the solar eclipse on MOnday, Aug. 21, 2017, from American Legion Mall in downtown Indianapolis. 

Students all over the district enjoyed Monday’s solar eclipse in a wide variety of ways.

Some students watched it on a live stream indoors. In other cases, classes and entire schools took a trip outside, put on protective glasses and watched it happen live. One of those groups was Center for Inquiry School 2. More than 400 students walked the few blocks from their school to American Legion Mall downtown.

CFI 2 students watch the eclipse from American Legion Mall.

“What a fantastic opportunity! These students will get to experience it firsthand,” said teacher Deb Toplis.

“You can hear them all scream when they see it for the first time and that sums it all up,” said Micah Nelson, a middle school social studies teacher at CFI2 and the 2017 IPS Teacher of the Year.

Students from kindergarten through eighth-grade were all equally impressed with the celestial event.

“I think it’s really cool because it’s something I’ve never seen before,” said Addi H., an eighth-grader.

“You can see the flames coming off the sun and the outline of the moon because the moon is in front of the sun,” said eighth-grader Isaac M.

After spending more than 30 minutes watching the eclipse, students shared their personal observations of their experience with each other.

“It was incredible to watch our students as they saw the sun for the first time with their glasses on,” said Principal Andrea Hunley. “They had audible gasps and yelps of joy, and it was really neat to see that spark of scientific inquiry come to life.”

Students around the district, who observed the eclipse outside, were provided certified protective glasses and returned a signed parent waiver.