Thomas D. Gregg School 15 and Rousseau
McClellan School 91 are welcoming very familiar faces as principals in the
2016-2017 school year. Indianapolis Public Schools is proud to congratulate two
of our assistant principals on their promotion to lead their school


Kathy Lause has served the Rousseau
McClellan family as assistant principal since 2014. She graduated from Butler
University before going to teach in her home state of Illinois, but coming back
to Indianapolis was always a goal. Lause said she knew when she moved back to
our city that she was in for an adventure, and she’s happy the adventures are
continuing. After two years under the mentorship of long-time Rousseau
McClellan Principal Margaret Higgs, Higgs is retiring and Lause will lead the
McClellan community.


“The students seem to always find new
ways to amaze me with their knowledge and skills,” said Lause. “The
parents believe in the Montessori methods and what we are doing for their
children. The community provides support to us in more ways than I
count. I could not be happier about being given the opportunity to
continue to serve this school as its leader.”


Lause said she plans to continue to
support staff in finding ways to meet the individual needs of all Rousseau
McClellan students through collaboration and problem-solving.


“While excited, I realize I have
incredibly big shoes to fill. Margaret Higgs has been the principal for
the past 17 years, and she has worked in IPS for 42 years,” said Lause. “I
have learned so much from her many years of experience!  She has
assembled an amazing staff, and she cares about all of the students and
their families. I am fortunate to have had her as a mentor these past
two years.”


Ross Pippin has served the Thomas D.
Gregg family since 2008. He began as a Special Education teacher before
becoming assistant principal in 2014. Pippin began the second semester of this
school year as interim principal, and has now been recommended by IPS
leadership to take the helm permanently. He plays an integral part in the
school’s positive partnership with The Creek, a local church which provides
many forms of support for Thomas D. Gregg students, staff and families.


We are so proud of
the accomplishments of these emerging school leaders, and we look forward to
the continued success of their school communities!