salutes Teachers’ Treasures as
it celebrates 16 wonderful years of giving.


Thursday, March 3, the Dream Big reception will be held at the Willows of Westfield – located at
6729 Westfield Blvd., Indianapolis – to benefit Teachers’ Treasures, an
organization that helps provide school supplies to classrooms. Thriving on
charitable contributions from businesses, foundations and individuals, the
organization works to offset the cost of supplies for teachers who often pay
with their own money. Teachers’ Treasures estimates that on average, teachers
spend $800–$1,200 a year on school supplies that benefit their students.


Treasures invites our community to attend Thursday’s event to uplift the
amazing network of people who focus on teachers, children and their futures.
This celebration will honor Heather
, Vice President of Community Development for Sun King Brewing Company, as the 2016
Caring Spirit Award recipient in recognition for her ongoing efforts to impact
education opportunities, children and non-profits in our
community.  Teachers’ Treasures will also be presenting Teachers of
the Year awards to acknowledge three teachers’ extraordinary efforts in shaping
young people’s lives.


greatly appreciates the unwavering support of Teachers’ Treasures. Show your
support; click here
to purchase Dream Big tickets!