Erin Simpson





Indianapolis Public Schools welcomes the newest
administrator to our team, Erin Simpson! Ms. Simpson is excited to lead
Brookside School 54 starting in the fall of 2015.

Ms. Simpson has been with IPS for several months, serving as
Assistant Principal of the middle school at George Washington Community High
School. Prior to that she was an Assistant Principal at Imagine Indiana Life
Sciences Academy and a Title I Coordinator and Instructional Coach at Imagine
Indiana Life Science Academy West.

Dr. Ve-Lecia Council, Academic Improvement Officer over the
East Learning Community of IPS, said, “Ms. Simpson’s secondary and elementary
background will allow her to work well within the Brookside environment with
the beginning (Kindergarten) and the end (12th grade graduation and
college) in mind.”

At all her previous locations Ms. Simpson helped increase
the performance of both students and teachers with a strong attention to
evaluation of data, curriculum redesign and intercession where needed. She is
also a big believer in establishing positive relationships with students and
families and using those relationships to help drive improved performance.

“Ms. Simpson believes in collaboration and parent
involvement,” said Dr. Council, “so she is looking forward to continuing
community partnerships.”

happy to welcome Principal Erin Simpson to the Brookside community