Brookside Artwork On Display at Indianapolis Art Center Students can often say their school artwork has been proudly displayed on the refrigerator at home, but not many have the chance to say their work was on display at an actual art center!

Brookside School 54 students may now count themselves among the few to have their artwork displayed publicly! The annual Michael A. Carroll ArtReach Exhibition is now open and features art from several students at Brookside.

ArtReach is a year-round program offered by the Indianapolis Art Center’s Outreach Department. The program provides art instruction by local artists to youth ages 5-18 at various community centers, schools and churches throughout Indianapolis during after-school hours.

“ArtReach has made not only me a better artist, but all ArtReach Students! We are always doing something new,” Brookside student Alainna T. said. “I am so excited for my work to be displayed at the Indianapolis Art Center for my friends and family to see!”

Fellow student Jordan G. agreed, “I am excited to have the chance for people to see my work. ArtReach has given me the courage to express myself through art.”

“We are thrilled to offer such high-quality programs to our students here at Brookside,” Brookside Community Coordinator Sheila Richardson said. “The instructors and staff at the Indianapolis Art Center have a genuine caring attitude towards every single student in the program. They go above and beyond to make the ArtReach Program a competitive program among all others offered.”

We’re proud of our Brookside Eagles and their artistic talents! You can check out the exhibition at the Indianapolis Art Center (820 East 67th Street) until June 7, 2015.