Our own Broad Ripple High School for the Performing Arts and Humanities is celebrating a world premiere performance this weekend!! 


Prospect High: Brooklyn is a brand-new play written by actor Daniel Robert Sullivan and a team of teenagers from New York City. In partnership with New York’s Roundabout Theatre Company, the play is premiering at 23 high schools across the country this school year. Broad Ripple is the first school to ever perform this show!


“After much research, we chose 23 of the boldest high school theatre departments from across the country and can use this first-ever high school rolling world premiere to recognize them and expose their power at a national level,” said show creator Sullivan.


The play centers around a group of high school students and their teacher, focusing on conveying the real-life experiences of the students who wrote the script and their peers bringing the words to life on stage. Set in a Brooklyn high school, Prospect High’s themes include relationships, racism, acceptance, and the deep impact teachers can have on their students.


The Broad Ripple performance kicks off the show’s nine-month premiere in schools nationwide. The year will wrap up with an Off-Broadway run late next spring.


We are thrilled Broad Ripple was chosen for this remarkable opportunity, and look forward to many more groundbreaking opportunities for our performing arts students!



Performance Dates and Times:

Friday Sept. 25 – 3pm and 7pm 

Sat. Sept. 26 – 7pm 

Tickets are $5 for students and $7 for adults