the May 28 Board Action Session the Board of School Commissioners recognized
the top scholars in Indianapolis Public Schools, our valedictorians and
salutatorians. This amazing group of students has diverse plans for the future,
and equally varied words of advice for those students who come after them.

Arsenal Technical High School

Luke J. will attend the University of Indianapolis and major in business
administration. His advice for students is to stay on top of their education and
remember there are 15 to 20 people that helped them get where they are.
“Everything is only as hard as you make it,” Luke said.

Seth S. will go to trade school through Caterpillar to become a diesel
mechanic. He said, “I believe the trade classes IPS has are the best thing we
provide for our kids.” He believes they provide many students a chance to
succeed they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Broad Ripple Magnet High
School for the Arts and Humanities

Gillian B. plans to attend IUPUI and major in mechanical engineering. An
internship at IUPUI this summer will also give her a taste of research work.
Her advice for other students, “I advise sleep. Have fun, and don’t be afraid
to take chances.”

Michaela M. will go to Ball State University and major in interior design. She
hopes to one day own her own design firm. She said, “I would advise incoming
students to manage their time wisely, while also keeping a positive attitude
because misfortunes happen.”

Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet
High School

Anisah A. plans to attend Purdue in the fall, majoring in chemical engineering
and minoring in global studies. She said, “Take advantage of as many
opportunities and participate in as many different things as you can. Make
yourself as well-rounded as possible.” Programs like Science Bound and the
opportunity to attend IUPUI to earn college credits were two opportunities that
helped her.

Yazmin R. will attend Butler University and will double major in Spanish and
Political Science. She is looking ahead to law school potentially after that.
She urged the district to continue “the partnership they have with IUPUI. It
really helped me see what college was about and be more prepared. IPS should
also continue with internships because they give a better view of the fields
before students go into those careers.”

George Washington Community
High School

Nashalie R. plans to work part-time and attend IUPUI full-time in the fall,
pursuing a pharmacy degree. Going forward, she hopes the district can offer
more tutoring and attention to ESL students like she was so those students have
even more chances to succeed. She said, “I had to struggle when I was in middle
school because I only knew how to speak Spanish. I think they should give more
attention to ESL students.”

Donald B. plans to attend the University of Indianapolis, though he’s still
considering his major. He said his recipe for success in school was, “Always
take as many advanced courses as possible. Always get to know your teachers and
the administration because they are valuable resources.”

John Marshall Community High

Joana A. will attend DePauw University in the fall of 2015 as a DePauw Lilly Scholar
and will major in Economics and minor in French. Her advice was this: “Always
do your best on everything because you never know what opportunities your
future holds. Never settle for less. Work hard, seek opportunities and take
advantage of them.”

Jayme H. plans to attend IUPUI and major in computer information. He is
thankful for all the IPS teachers he has had that really can interact with
students and get them engaged with learning. He said, “My advice for my younger
peers is to come to school always ready and eager to learn. Don’t let anyone
distract you from your goals.”

Northwest Community High

Alexis S. plans to attend the University of Indianapolis, pursue a nursing
degree, and then continue on to become a nurse in a top hospital in the
country. She appreciates how IPS offered her the learning opportunities for her
successful educational journey. “Some good advice I would give to students
coming after me would be to take their education seriously. I would also tell
them to stay focused and have good attendance,” she said.

Ollie O. is going to attend IUPUI and major in psychology. IPS motivated her to
become an above average student, and she has strong words for students to come.
“I would tell the students to be more responsible for their own failures or
accomplishments,” she said, “because people do not spoon feed you in the real

Shortridge Magnet High School
for Law and Public Policy

Deandra W. will attend Purdue and will major in biology. After that, she wants
to pursue law school or medical school. She wanted other students to know, “IPS
is giving every student equal opportunities, developing programs that could
help each student in the long run, and IPS is giving students real-world
Christopher S. plans to attend Purdue University for computer science and to
enter the Marines for work as an intelligence officer. The advice he had for
students, both those in his class and those who come after, was this: “The
diploma you receive is just a piece of paper. It has no true value. However,
what you do with the knowledge and experiences gained on the journey to obtain
that paper, they do have value. In today’s world, they are priceless.”




couldn’t have said it better ourselves, and we wish all our excellent
valedictorians and salutatorians the best on the next stage of their journey!