A new leadership initiative was introduced to the Indianapolis Public Schools Board of Commissioners at the August 19th briefing session. Deputy Superintendent Dr. Wanda H. Legrand presented a proposal to develop a Lead Principal initiative at IPS. This program would identify existing principals to assist with the leadership and guidance of our school administrators.

IPS contains three learning communities – East, West, and Magnet. In this proposal, each learning community would have two lead principals to mentor new principals. This includes those who are new to administration as well as those who are new to IPS. The lead principals would also provide leadership training for assistant principals along with curriculum and instruction initiatives.

Superintendent Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee voiced his support for the initiative by saying, “we would be relying on our own leaders to develop assistant principals and principals instead of hiring someone outside the district. We want to tap into the expertise of our current principals.”

Dr. Legrand noted the district already has several principals who spend extra hours mentoring their peers, and this program would be an extension of that process. If the Board approves, selection of the six lead principals could begin as soon as next month.

“This is rewarding leaders to stay close to the educational environment,” said Commissioner Sam Odle. He noted that in the current structure many principals are forced to leave the schools and go into upper administration to receive more compensation.