The Indianapolis Public Schools Board of Commissioners is taking the next step in fine-tuning the district’s budget process. At the September 9th Operations Briefing Session, commissioners discussed a proposal to change the fiscal year to begin July 1st rather than January 1st. This would allow the fiscal calendar to align with the school year. Tuition support, the district’s largest revenue source, is received from the state on July 1st. Altering the district’s fiscal year would streamline many accounting processes connected with this source of income. Pending formal approval by the board, the resolution will then be submitted to the state. If there are no conflicts at the state level, the new fiscal year change will take effect in 2015.

Commissioners also discussed a proposal to revise the current IPS dress code. The proposal suggests allowing elementary students to wear uniform-appropriate shirts in any solid color, and secondary students to wear appropriate shirts in their school’s official colors.