At the March 15 Agenda Review Session, the Indianapolis Board of School Commissioners will discuss potential Innovation Network Schools and planning documents for the 2016-17 school year budget.


Innovation Restart Agreements


Two IPS schools, Riverside School 44 and Joyce Kilmer Academy 69, have been recommended for a restart as Innovation Network Schools for the 2016-17 school year after chronically low performance in recent years. District leadership identified Global Preparatory Academy as the partner organization for Riverside and Kindezi Academy as the partner organization for Joyce Kilmer.


In recent months, many avenues of community conversation have been employed to discuss the proposed changes to these neighborhood schools. In addition to presentations on proposed school models at public sessions of the Board of School Commissioners, intentional community engagement has been underway at both schools. Between family and community meetings and continued opportunities for stakeholder feedback, the IPS Innovation Office is committed to ensuring the proposed school changes have the support of their communities. Families, staff members and neighbors are always invited to email questions or concerns to


At last month’s Agenda Review Session, Commissioners discussed the proposed terms of each Innovation restart agreement and provided feedback. This discussion informed the finalization of the Innovation Network agreements for Riverside and Joyce Kilmer, which will be presented to Commissioners at the upcoming Agenda Review Session.


Innovation Conversion Schools


The leadership teams of two IPS schools, Cold Spring School and George H. Fisher School 93, recently received grants from The Mind Trust to support their efforts in applying for Innovation Network status. The principals of both schools have been working closely with the Innovation Office and their school communities to draft proposals for Innovation Network agreements. Commissioners will review presentations from Cold Spring and George Fisher outlining their intended school models and other terms of their proposed Innovation agreements. Feedback from commissioners will be incorporated in continued efforts to finalize proposed agreements.


Budget Planning Process


The March 15 Agenda Review Session brings the third presentation by IPS finance leaders on the district’s efforts to plan the 2016-17 school year budget. Commissioners and the public have been updated in recent weeks with preliminary planning materials outlining the anticipated revenue and expenditures of the district. No action will be taken on the budget at next week’s Action Session; a special meeting will be called at a later date to vote on the proposed budget.