May 25, 2018

Jasmine Murphy, 2018 salutatorian, Broad Ripple Magnet High School for the Arts and Humanities

Jasmine Murphy, 2018 salutatorian, Broad Ripple Magnet High School for the Arts and Humanities.

Born in Indiana and raised in North Carolina, Florida and Hawaii, Jasmine Murphy has never been one to shy away from new experiences. She was only 13 years old when her mother sent her from Hawaii to Indiana to receive a better education.

“If I had stayed with my mother in Hawaii, I would have had to attend a one-room schoolhouse, and that isn’t what she wanted for me,” said Jasmine. “Therefore, I was sent to Indiana to live with my elderly grandmother. I took care of her, attended school, and later obtained a part-time job.”

Despite these demands, Jasmine flourished personally and academically. On June 7, she will graduate as salutatorian of her class at Broad Ripple Magnet High School for the Arts and Humanities, something that was expected of her growing up.

“My mother was always very strict about education,” said Jasmine. “She was a salutatorian herself and wished the same for me, if not better. To accomplish this goal, I have always taken my education seriously, even when those around me did not.”

Jasmine and her mom will be together again when she graduates next month, but only briefly. Soon Jasmine will head to Boulder to attend the University of Colorado. “My intention is to major in marketing with certificates in international business, talent management and quantitative finance,” she said.

Jasmine has big career aspirations. “I intend to run two major companies, one in food service and entertainment and another launching a product I designed my sophomore year in high school that allows people to diversify their hobbies,” she said. “Both of my businesses will include ventures abroad and be very connected to the global scene.”

That shouldn’t be a problem for Jasmine, who speaks four languages and earns extra money doing freelance translating. “I currently speak Mandarin, Japanese, French and English,” she said. “I also love listening to music in Japanese, Mandarin, French, German and Russian.” Jasmine is currently an intern for an English-speaking Japanese news site where she interviews guests, writes reviews and translates the news.

Jasmine’s other interests include sewing and costume making. She is in the Performing Arts program at Broad Ripple. “I started with acting, but later got into the production side of things,” she explained. “In December, I won my first costume contest.”

Jasmine also participated in Tufts University’s Education for Public Inquiry and International Citizenship (EPIIC) Symposium, where she found inspiration and the vision for her future career from Parent Involvement Educator Lou Debruicker.

“Working with her in the Tufts program, I learned how to effectively problem solve, strategize, and diversify my writing,” said Jasmine. “I thought I was an excellent writer before; but she elevated my skills to the next level. She wants me to succeed not only in school, but in life. She has left a lasting impression on my life.”

Jasmine said being the last salutatorian at Broad Ripple is bittersweet and offers this advice to future IPS students: “Experience life and expand your knowledge beyond the tight circle you may live in. The world has so much to offer.”