Over 1,300 students across Central Indiana gathered in celebration of Black History Month at Olivet Missionary Baptist Church early this week to hear from a few prominent figures within our community, among them was Grammy award-winning artist and hip-hop legend, Common.


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Offering words of inspiration and wisdom, the exciting keynote speaker began with a freestyle rap that praised our beloved City of Indianapolis. He continued his discussion, touching on his trials and triumphs as a man and artist. He encouraged students in attendance to always strive for greatness, “To achieve greatness you must find your purpose, believe in your purpose and live your purpose,” said Common. Here is an exclusive look,



Joined by the Tri-City High School Choir, Common treated the audience with an impromptu performance of his Grammy Award-winning song, “Glory” that truly set the tone for the remainder of his visit with the local youth. Other major guests of the day included, Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett, State Representative Andre Carson and the Executive Director of Privacy & Diversity from the Office of U.S. Protection and Customs, Franklin Jones. 

IPS students enjoyed their time with Common; we hope he visits again soon!