Arsenal Tech Welcomes New Leadership Indianapolis Public Schools is proud to announce new leadership at Arsenal Technical High School for the upcoming year.

Julie Bakehorn, currently serving as principal for Brookside School 54 will bring her leadership skills and experience to Arsenal Tech in the fall.

An accomplished educator, Bakehorn has over 20 years experience working in the district, starting as a teacher at Stephen Foster School 67 and working her way up to assistant principal at George Washington Community High School and principal at George H. Fisher School 93 and now Brookside.

Brookside has thrived under her leadership, earning an “A” rating in the state accountability model this year. Bakehorn works diligently to provide plenty of after school activities for her students and has developed strong partnerships with local community organizations.

Bakehorn currently serves as a lead principal– a model implemented in IPS this year to provide administrators with more leadership opportunities,offer peer mentoring to their colleagues and help arrange meaningful and timely professional learning. She is well regarded by her peers and praised for her staff development skills. Every one of Bakehorn’s former assistant principals now serves or has served as principal in IPS.

Louis B. Russell Jr. School 48 Principal Crishell Sam served as Bakehorn’s assistant principal at Brookside for two years, Sam said that Bakehorn covered every aspect of being a principal, from meeting with parents and community partners to using and tracking data. Sam describes her experience of working with Bakehorn “priceless.”

“Because of her when I started at Louis Russell I was prepared for everything,” Sam said. “She touched my life in a positive way and helped me grow as a leader, she allowed me to mess up, allowed me to learn from my mistakes, and she didn’t ridicule. Everything was a teachable moment with her.”

“I look forward to moving into this administrative position at Arsenal Tech,” Bakehorn said. “This school, so rich in history, provides many great opportunities for students. With a strong leadership team and engaged faculty we will continue to build, evolve and expand on that solid foundation. I’m eager to begin.”

Current Arsenal Tech administrator David Brunsting will join Bakehorn as an assistant principal.

“I am honored to be able to continue serving Arsenal Tech and I look forward to the future and all that can be accomplished,” Brunsting said. “I’m excited to work with Julie to make Tech the flagship high school of IPS.”

Brunsting has worked in IPS for 24 years and served at Arsenal Tech for eight of them. He’s currently the lead administrator for New Tech High and STAR Academy, magnet programs located on Tech’s campus.

Julia M. current New Tech freshman said, “Mr. Brunsting is the best! He helped me transition into high school successfully. He’s a champion for us! He knows us by name and he knows our interests. He encourages me and he gets why project-based learning at New Tech is the best suited for my learning style.”

A diverse panel of stakeholders chosen to represent a variety of IPS and community viewpoints, including Arsenal Tech’s vast alumni network, collaborated to select the new leader of the school.

“The selection committee was looking for someone that could breathe the spirit and prestige back into Arsenal Tech,” said Academic Improvement Officer Dr. Ve-Lecia Council. “They want Arsenal Tech to be the best high school in Indianapolis, an “A” school. The envy of the city.”

Bakehorn is up for the challenge. She will spend the spring managing her current school and preparing for her future at Arsenal Tech. She will transition to her new position on July 1.

We’re excited for Bakehorn and Brunsting as they gear up for an awesome 2015-2016 school year at Arsenal Tech!