Students who participate in the Arsenal Technical High School international travel group have logged a lot of miles and seen a lot of cultures over the last few years. This year plans are already underway for a Spring Break trip to Greece, Italy and Spain. Four students are officially signed up. Another seven are potentially coming on board.

The group is an excellent opportunity for students to see more of the world. But it’s anything but a free ride. Students who participate work hard all year to earn money to cover their travel and other expenses. Currently, students earn funds by working at Lucas Oil Stadium at the Safety Stir Fry stand.

According to Rosalilia Romo Stewart, Spanish Teacher at Arsenal Tech and the Europe 2015 Tour Sponsor for the group, “We earn a percentage of sales, and then students that participate receive their share towards their travel account.” Each student who wants to travel commits to working to meet that goal. “These funds aren’t just gifts,” Stewart said. “There is no free money.”

The group is a great opportunity for dedicated students interested in travel. Stewart noted, “Our students learn to work, communicate and participate to earn the overall experience of travel.” Indianapolis Public Schools is happy to have faculty sponsors showing students the wonderful rewards both of international travel and of hard work directed at a worthwhile goal.
If you want to support the ATHS international travel group, contact Rosalilia Romo Stewart, Spanish Teacher, Arsenal Technical High School, 317.693.5300/317.509.6300,