May 12, 2017
Tech McDonald's Competition



Maybe it was the McLovin’ sauce that set their sandwich
above everyone else’s, but Julia M. and
Desmond D. (better known as Team McLovin’) walked away with the win in the
Create Your Own Signature Crafted Sandwich Competition on May, 10, 2017, at
Arsenal Technical High School.


Julia and Desmond, students in the
Culinary Arts program at Tech, bested four other teams in the competition
hosted by McDonald’s of Central Indiana.


The inaugural contest, which featured five teams of two
culinary students each, required participants to create and prepare their
unique signature sandwiches using only ingredients from McDonald’s. Students
were given everything from the fast-food chain’s Big Mac sauce, sesame seed
buns, bacon, all-beef patties and breaded chicken to new toppings, including Pico
de Gallo, guacamole and artisan rolls.  


In addition to their McLovin’ sauce,
Julia and Desmond’s sandwich also included crispy, breaded chicken, lettuce and
an artisan roll.


Students prepared their creations live for a group of celebrity
judges, including Tanorria Askew, from “MasterChef” Season 7. Other judges were
Jolene Ketzenberger, food blogger and WFYI-FM radio personality; Jasmine West,
personal chef for the Indiana Pacers; and Rich Koopmann, a McDonald’s


The day before the competition, students spent time in the
kitchen classroom testing their recipes and trash talking. Each team was
certain they had the winning recipe.


“I was excited to try something new,” said Jahaira J., who partnered
with Willie P. “It kind of reminded me of a recent competition we had in
Muncie, where we competed against other students.”


Regardless of who won, students were simply excited to
participate in the competition.


“It’s not about winning, it’s about food,” said Shareah T.,
who partnered with Michael E. “(The contest) is actually pretty cool. I think
it’s good that they’re reaching out to Tech students.”


Although the winning sandwich won’t be added to McDonald’s
menu, the contest added to the students’ culinary skills. It also provided a $1,000
donation to the Culinary Arts Program at Tech. Each student received a gift bag
with McDonald’s-branded items, including a water bottle, cooking apron and gift


Culinary students who participated in the
Create Your Own Signature Crafted Sandwich Competition were Julia M. and
Desmond D.; Jahaira J. and Willie P.; Alexis G. and Darrell W.; Jade H. and
Randee M.; and Michael E. and Shareah T. 

Below are a few photos from the competition, along with a video produced by Tech’s broadcast media students.  

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