The secondary learning community at Indianapolis Public Schools hosted its first “Cause for Applause” celebration at Arlington Middle School in December.

The team provided breakfast and presented a banner to the staff at Arlington on December 20, 2018, followed by student acknowledgments in the cafeteria right before classes began.

Students and staff at Arlington Middle School are still in a transition phase as one of the district’s newest middle schools. Once an IPS high school, Arlington transitioned to a full middle school for the 2018-19 school year.

During this year, staff and students have worked to make the best of their circumstances.

“Cause for Applause” recognized Arlington Middle School for:

  • Restart after fall break
  • Scheduling: blocks and more core subject time (ELA and Math) and success time (also for ELA and Math)
  • Willingness of staff to be flexible
  • All teachers moved rooms during the year to ensure successful transitions
  • Perseverance
  • Resilient culture
  • Trying new initiatives
  • Structure to support new teachers with pod leaders
  • Remediation and re-teaching
  • PLP focus on text and across subject areas
  • Willingness to be on board as a whole school with strategies like race and Marzano vocabulary
  • Receptive to feedback and is used for change
  • Proactive testing plan for NWEA Round 2