Oct. 26, 2018

High Five

SCHOOL VIBES – High-fives and hugs greeted students at Anna Brochhausen School 88 as they returned from fall break on Tuesday, Oct. 23.

When students walked through the front doors of Anna Brochhausen School 88 on Tuesday, Oct. 23, it was a great way to return to classes after a two-week fall break.

“The positive attention just changes your brain and helps kids come in with a positive attitude,” said Principal Carmen Sharp. “Sometimes they come in and they’re not happy. But to see people come in and say, ‘Good morning,’ and high-five you just to come to school, that’s amazing.”

The high-five tunnel included teachers and employees (both men and women) from Anna Brochhausen, but was spearheaded by the Urban Initiative led by Dr. Preston Adams and a long line of men in the community. Having that male presence means a lot to students who don’t see that on a daily basis.

Adams, who has been working with students at Anna Brochhausen for a couple of years, serves mostly as a mentor.

“It’s always important to see that male figure because it’s different than what they see, although not for every child,” said Sharp. “But for a lot of children it’s different to see the male figure because women are the heads of households and the ones teaching in the classrooms primarily. It’s especially important for males to see positive males to say that school is important.”

Sonya Washington, a parent of a kindergarten student (Paris) at Anna Brochhausen, believes the high-fives serve as a motivator for kids to come to school.

“As soon as my son hit the door, they acknowledged him by name and that’s important because he loved hearing that. I even got a high-five,” said Washington. “They needed that recognition and that pump up (after the break).”