Amazon - Lew Wallace  

The students
and staff of Lew Wallace School 107 celebrated the second day of the new school
year with a very special delivery from our partners at Amazon!


This summer,
every teacher in the school filled out a wish list on Amazon highlighting the
items they would most need and want for a successful school year. Thanks to the
Amazon Fulfillment team, the Lew Wallace family was surprised to receive EVERY
item on their wish list!Amazon Delivery - Lew Wallace


From pencils
and paper to snacks and art supplies – and even keyboards and a full set of
hand drums for the music classroom – our partners from Amazon delivered more
than $15,000 in supplies to get the staff and students of Lew Wallace set for
the school year.


“This means
that we will be able to have so many more resources for our students, enabling
them to be really creative in our ESL classrooms,” said English as a Second
Language teacher Kelly Minks.


Since teachers
and other school staff members end up spending money out of their own pockets
for supplies every year, this surprise donation by Amazon means our educators
won’t have to worry about how to stock their classrooms with supplies for the


Jeremy Baugh did a great job of keeping the delivery a secret, but even he was
amazed by the Amazon team. They surprised Baugh by bringing a poster printer
for the school, so the Lew Wallace team can print their own high-quality signs
and banners!


Educating our
young people is a true community effort, and Indianapolis Public Schools is
grateful to have the support of our strong local partners. Many thanks to the
Amazon Fulfillment team for helping us to start the year off with a smile!