April 21, 2017


Tom Lugar is an engineer known not only for upholding his
family’s business, but also improving his community. He has served as a board
member for various local companies and organizations and, after a short stint
in the U.S. Army (and the passing of his father), took the reins of Thomas L.
Green and Co., which was started by his grandfather.


A 1951 graduate of Shortridge High School, Lugar attended Purdue
University, where he received a degree in engineering.Tom Lugar


The Indianapolis native recently talked about being a proud IPS alum
and how IPS, specifically Shortridge, helped prepare him for his professional journey.


Early life in Indianapolis …

I live here and grew up here. I love Indianapolis.
I have one brother and one sister. Growing up, I enjoyed croquet with my
neighborhood friends. I attended grade school at William A. Bell School 60 through
eighth grade, and then I went to Shortridge for the remainder of my adolescent


Your experience at Shortridge …

had a very pleasant experience at Shortridge. I really enjoyed it. They had
wonderful teachers and I still remember a lot of them. I played sports, including
football; we won the city championship in 1949 when I was a junior. My senior
year I had the pleasure of being co-captain on the football team. I had a
wonderful football coach, Coach George Gale. He was a very good coach and
mentor. He was a role model for a lot of students. Aside from football, I also
ran track. I graduated in 1951.


Fondest IPS memory as a student …

was involved in a lot of activities. I was involved in Shortridge symphony and
played the violin. I participated in Shortridge vaudeville. I loved
participating in these activities, but I still loved sports above anything
else. Next to graduating in 1951, winning the city football championship in
1949 was a very fond memory for me with IPS.


My IPS education prepared me for

(Shortridge) was a great school to prepare for college. I went to Purdue University,
one of the best engineering schools in the country. I wanted to go to college
to be an engineer and Shortridge helped prepare me for that.


Higher Education …

I graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor’s
degree in mechanical engineering in 1955. My college experience was great as
well – I love Purdue. I enjoyed my classes and the subject matter being taught.
I also enjoyed being a member of a fraternity, Beta Theta Pi.


My life
since graduating …

college, I joined the Jet Engine Development Program at Allison Division of
General Motors. I was later drafted into the Army and served in 1956. I was
active for six months. My initial intention was to serve seven years in the
reserves, but after my father passed away, I could leave with an honorable
discharge to help in our family business. My father was the president of our
family business (Thomas L. Green and Co., founded by my grandfather).  


have been with Thomas L. Green Co. since January 1957. I started working in the
shop, then in the engineering and sales departments, and was elected president in
1972. In 2001, we merged with Reading
Bakery Systems Inc.
in Pennsylvania. Today, I serve as a consultant
for the company. I am still listed as chairman of the board.


Proudest accomplishments …

becoming an Eagle Scout as a freshman in high school. I am proud of being the
president of the company my grandfather started. I am very proud of my wife, my
children, and all our family. It was great having a nice family and being able
to participate with them while they were growing up.


some of my proudest civic involvements include:

  • Past chairman
    of the board of Methodist Hospital of Indiana
  • Past president
    of the Rotary Club of Indianapolis
  • Past member
    of the board of the Children’s Museum



have been married to my wife Sally since 1958 and we have three children –
Todd, Scott and Nancy. My wife and I enjoy spending time with our five
grandchildren. Two of my grandsons followed my footsteps and graduated from
Purdue University. Overall, my family are active, church-going, good people who
are doing well and are compatible with each other. I love that we are a
close-knit family and I am very proud of each one of them.


Interests/Hobbies …

have a greenhouse in which I enjoy growing orchid plants. I also collect stamps
and coins. I have been collecting both items since I was about 10 years old.
Photography has always been a long-time interest of mine. I enjoy taking
pictures of people and my family.


Vision/Dreams …

hope that we can continue to live in a land of freedom and democracy. I can
only hope that my kids and grandkids have the same opportunities that I did.


Final Quote …

“Work hard with honesty and integrity, strive for
perfection, help others and love your family.”