Tim Bass
IPS recognizes Tim Bass Sr., Arlington High School Alumni President, Class of ’82! He is widely regarded as a servant to the community who has a passion for giving back. After graduating from Arlington Community High School in 1982, Bass went on to Indiana Christian University, where he studied seminary. He has offered support to the youth of Indianapolis for over 30 years; his mission is to make a difference in the lives of young people, with hopes that that they will reach their destination and pay it forward.
The Arlington Alumni Association started as a dream for Bass; through hard work and determination, it has become a reality. The growing 150-member group offers strong support that will ultimately touch every student within the school’s walls. From senior night to prom night, Arlington alumni are proud to give back to their alma mater.  “This is our way of paying it forward. The students need to see positive role models in their life who have come from Arlington – I would like to instill [in students] the pride of being a Golden Night, to create a sense of ownership with the kids,” said Bass.  
Reflecting on his days as an IPS student, one of his fondest memories is sitting in the classroom of Mr. David Blaze’s biology class. Mr. Blaze served in Bass’s life as a strong influential figure; Bass, in fact, credits much of his success to Blaze’s leadership and guidance. In turn, Bass consistently furthers his efforts to increase alumni support in “[partnering] with Principal Stan Law and the Arlington Community High School staff to continue to be positive role models for all of our students.” Bass’s work at the school is heartfelt and consistent – building warm and encouraging relationships with students – emphasizing the importance of our youth experiencing positive connections with caring adults mentors.
While sharing his talent and ardor at Arlington, Bass also serves as a dedicated employee of Eli Lilly. Having worked with the company for the last 25 years, he is currently in the role of project coordinator where he enjoys facilitating relationships and projects in their Small Molecule Design and Development (SMDD) division. A family man, Tim Bass has the loving support of his wife Gina, IPS alum from Shortridge High School (Class of 1981), and their two children, Brianna and Tim Jr. Brianna is a graduate from both the University of Tennessee and Indiana University. Tim Jr, graduated from Hanover College and will soon pursue his Master’s  degree at Indiana University-Bloomington.

We are inspired by Tim and his accomplishments, and thrilled that he is on our team!  Through joint efforts we can expand the outstanding work that Mr. Bass is doing in our community to ensure growth and opportunity for Indianapolis youth. Together we can. Together we will.