Fred Robinson

IPS recognizes Fred Robinson, Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School Alumni President, Class of 1960! Throughout his life he has enjoyed mentoring students; Robinson and close friends have developed numerous basketball leagues for the neighborhood children, striving to make the sport accessible to the underprivileged youth of Indianapolis. Since the inaugural year in 1971, the mentoring program has served over 100 children between the ages of eight and 16 years old. Mr. Robinson continues to support Indy’s youth and says, “I take great pride in impacting the lives of young people.”

The Attucks Alumni Association started in 1956 with a handful of teachers who had once attended the school. At their prime, the Alumni group had 25 graduate classes between the years of 1936-1960 utilizing their labor force to raise money and offer mentoring for the students of Attucks. In 1983, the school was nearly closed down, but after heavy protest from the community and tireless advocacy efforts from countless alumni, the school doors remained open ­– from this union, the National Crispus Attucks Alumni Association was born.


Robinson has served as a member of the Attucks Alumni Association for 35 years and has held the role of President since 2013. He currently sees an opportunity for the group to connect with other alumni to help meet the needs of current Attucks students – linking each graduating class to a specific school need. The group is currently working through change and reorganization, but Robinson believes “change is a necessary and analytical process;” his vision is for the group to reunite through these changes.


After graduating from Attucks, Robinson went on to work at Eli Lilly for 34 years and currently serves as the HR Manager for RCR Technologies Corporation. The Indiana Basketball Hall of Famer, shoots hoops in his free time and has been actively involved his church, Eastern Star, for the past 18 years where he served as the president of the Usher Board Ministry. He and his wife Bonnie (Arsenal Technical High School Alum of 1961) have been married for 54 years; they have two daughters, Linda and Sharon, as well as two grandchildren, Lindsay and Lauren. 


Looking back, Robinson recalls his fondest memory as an IPS student. “Having Trenquilla Steward as both an English and Homeroom teacher in high school; she was a friend of my mother – I couldn’t get away with anything. She kept a tight rein on me,” he chuckles, reminiscing on previous days.


Robinson is proud to be a part of the Crispus Attucks High School legacy and looks forward to the upcoming documentary on the history of school,  “The School that Opened a City.” Plans are underway to show the documentary in the Crispus Attucks auditorium in the Fall of 2016. 
We are very thankful that Mr. Robinson continues to be an active member of the IPS family and that he has a servant’s heart for the Attucks Alumni Association – truly making a difference in the lives of our students.