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Alumni Spotlight–Five Questions with IPS Alums: Pamela Grant-Taylor Looks Back at How IPS Made a Difference in Her Life

Indianapolis Public Schools is proud of our graduates and their diverse, inspiring journeys. We have created the IPS Alumni Spotlight to celebrate our former students and showcase their experiences, accomplishments, and personal interests. We believe that every graduate has a unique path, and we can all learn from their journeys.

IPS recently asked Pamela Grant-Taylor, a 1987 graduate of Arlington High School, about her journey that began in the state’s largest school district.

Grant-Taylor is a licensed attorney in Indiana and has been practicing law since 2008. In August 2018, she joined the Marion County Public Defender Agency to provide top-notch criminal
defense representation to the impoverished citizens of Marion County/Indianapolis,

She earned a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University and a Master of Science (M.S.) in Secondary Education from the IUPUI School of Education. Gant-Taylor received her Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Indiana University Robert H.
McKinney School of Law, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Before attending law school, Taylor was a secondary educator for the
IPS and MSD of Pike Township, teaching integrated chemistry and physics, chemistry and mathematics.

Q–Can you share memorable moments or teachers who had a significant impact on your time at IPS?
A –I was extremely prepared academically, receiving numerous scholarships as a graduating senior, which allowed my undergraduate education to be free. I was encouraged and well-prepared to attend college.

Q–How has your education at IPS influenced your personal and professional development since graduating?
A–I had an excellent academic foundation in language arts, math, and science. I had options to go into different career fields. I decided to attend law school in 2003. My strong academic foundation provided by attending IPS schools has led to my success.

Q–What specific skills or knowledge gained at IPS have proven most valuable in your current life or career?
A–I was in gifted and talented classes in elementary school. I earned high school credits when I was in junior high school. I tested out and earned college credits while I was in high school. I believe that my academic talents were valued and nurtured while I was a student at IPS. My academic success has helped me navigate several career changes. I would not enjoy success as an attorney without the strong academic foundation laid by attending IPS schools.

Q–How have you stayed connected with the IPS community, and what advice would you offer current IPS students for a successful future?
A–I have been connected with IPS through social media such as Facebook pages for Arlington Alumni. I would recommend that current IPS students take advantage of the 21st Century Scholars program if interested in post-secondary education or enrolling at Ivy Tech with discounted tuition. If not on a college track, I would encourage current students to engage in vocational training or consider enlistment in the military.

Q–What challenges did you face during your time at IPS, and how did overcoming them contribute to your personal growth?
A–At the beginning of my senior year in the Fall of 1986, there was a lot of unrest because John Marshall High School was closed and many students were transferred to Arlington. We had to adapt to new teachers and new students. We finally came together to celebrate as one during our graduation. I was elected senior class president because I had attended George Buck Junior High School 94 with many students who transferred from Marshall. We had to find ways to connect through common experiences and maintain respect for each other.