Bryan Thompson IPS recognizes Bryan Thompson, Broad
Ripple Magnet High School for the Arts and Humanities graduate, Class of 2015.


it’s still early in his career, contemporary jazz saxophonist Bryan Thompson has
already released his debut album. Titled “Genesis,” the five-song EP includes a
mix of slow and up-tempo instrumental tunes spanning smooth jazz, pop and
R&B genres.


The 2015
graduate of Broad Ripple Magnet High School for the Arts and Humanities has performed at
Indiana Pacers games and onstage with well-known jazz artist Kenny G, along
with other musicians and at events. But he hasn’t forgotten his roots. He gives
back to his alma mater in hopes of continuing to serve as an inspiration to students
who have the same dreams as he did as a Broad Ripple Rocket.


currently lives in Bloomington, Ind., and attends Indiana University, where
he’s studying music and business management.


He recently
reflected on his time as a student at Broad Ripple and his ambition to become a
successful, well-known jazz artist.


Early life in Indianapolis…

I grew up
with my mom, sister and brother; I’m the youngest of three. My mom and brother
are both Broad Ripple graduates and my sister graduated from Arlington.


Your experience at Broad Ripple…

I was highly
involved in band and performing arts at Broad Ripple, which equipped me to be a
better musician. Today, I communicate frequently with seniors at Broad Ripple on
music projects. I am also teaming up with the Broad Ripple Alumni Association
for a music concert to bring the alum together and support current students.


My IPS education prepared me for…

A lot of
teachers invested in my education and with their support I am able to believe
in myself to succeed.


Fondest IPS memory as a student…

Aside from
graduating, I performed at the IPS Hall of Fame Luncheon as a freshman. This
performance meant a lot to me being that it was my first time playing at the
Indiana Roof Ball Room, and being able to perform for IPS and to see what the
district does outside of the classroom.


Proudest accomplishments…

There are a
few things that I am proud of. First, is becoming an established musician. There
are many events where I’ve performed, but just to name a few, I have performed
the National Anthem for five Indiana Pacers games; I’ve played for Tonya Walton
Pratt (judge of the United States District Court, Southern District of Indiana,
appointed by Present Barack Obama); I’ve played with jazz artist Kenny G; and I
am proud of my first released album, “Genesis,” which was released in November
2015. I am also proud (of my upcoming performance) at the Apollo Theatre in New
York on July 13. 


Your life since graduating…

I currently attend
IU Bloomington, where I am majoring in music and business management. Though I
am in school, I try to travel often between New York and Los Angeles to gain
opportunities to perform and grow as a musician.



Music is my
passion. It’s something I found to work in my favor, because I love what I do.
I am living my dream and working on being a better artist.



I love to
write songs, tour and, of course, play the saxophone or piano. I invest all of
my free time in music, which I try to perform a lot on stage.


Something not many people know about

People are surprised to learn that I am partially
deaf in my right ear. Many people ask how I can function playing music without
fully being able to hear. But my impairment does not affect me, it only shows my
musical talents and passion.