In August, Principal Mary Siefert of Meredith Nicholson School 96 collaborated
with Art with a Heart Director Andrew Lee to submit a
heartwarming letter to the Indianapolis Arts Council nominating Abigail
Wolf (Art Teacher from Meredith Nicholson) as a candidate for the 2015 ARTI
Award. In the letter Mrs. Siefert notes Mrs. Wolf’s innovation, creativity and
technique when working with students, parents and colleagues; she writes, “The
structure of her rapport invites participation and establishes an atmosphere of
openness for children to display their artistic abilities.”

Aside from her resourcefulness and innovation in the classroom, Mrs.
Wolf has worked as a contracted teacher and curriculum developer for the Art with a Heart Program for the last 3 years. Founded in 2002, Art with a
Heart (AWaH) is a non-profit organization that provides a hands-on visual art
experience to educate and inspire children. Serving around 2,000 students
throughout Indianapolis, they hold true to their vision of providing all
children, regardless of background, with the opportunity to improve their
quality of life through artistic expression. To add to the excitement of
her nomination, Mrs. Wolf was invited to the Art Start Luncheon and was
surrounded by colleagues and supporters when she was named the recipient of the
2015 ARTI Award.


Promoting her love for art among youth, Mrs. Wolf reflects on her
goals “to create beautiful learning spaces that facilitate and
encourage creative problem solving and life-long learning in all people. With
the support of Meredith Nicholson School 96 and AwaH, I have been able to
create incredibly varied and diverse art experiences for my students, and
connect my students and their work to the community around them.”

Mrs. Wolf has worked diligently to keep students engaged in the arts
in and out of the classroom and has had many student projects displayed
throughout the city, including the Indianapolis Arts Garden, during the
Indianapolis Arts Council’s Festival of Trees and at numerous Art with a Heart


Looking forward, Mrs. Wolf plans to continue developing lesson goals
that will maintain a high level of visibility of her students’ work
and will continue to seek out exciting opportunities and art experiences for
her students at AwaH and Meredith Nicholson, both in and out of the
classroom. To keep up with the exciting achievements of all students from
IPS Meredith Nicholson School 96, visit their
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