July 28, 2017

IPS Baseball

Last year, IPS reached new heights in athletics participation at the elementary and middle school levels. With the goal of increased participation for the 2017-18 school year, the IPS District Athletics Department is offering more sports opportunities to IPS K-8 students than ever before.

Through partnerships with established youth sports organizations, IPS students are able to participate in professionally run programs while playing alongside their classmates, representing their own school and competing against other district schools, rather than being forced to play with a more disconnected recreational league.

This fall, Indy Youth Sports and USA Football will facilitate the first ever IPS Youth Flag Football League and the IPS Rookie Tackle League, among the first of its kind nationally. The flag football option will be offered to all elementary students in Grades K-6, while the tackle option will begin at the third-grade level. USA Football will provide free training and certification to the coaches to help ensure players are taught the proper techniques and methods for tackle football. Each participating student athlete will be able to play multiple positions on the field, learning a variety of skills as they begin to discover what best suits them before they move on to participate in the IPS City Middle School Football League.

During the 2017-18 school year, IPS Athletics will also continue to build on sports that were introduced to the district last year.

The futsal program debuted last winter in partnership with SCORE, and was well received by parents, staff and players alike. Futsal provides a great option for student athletes who are looking for an indoor alternative to soccer during winter season, and will be available to all elementary and middle school students.

The IPS Youth Baseball & Softball League also saw great success during its pilot season last spring. The Major League Baseball’s RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) program helped facilitate a season that showcased a lot of young, naturally talented IPS ball players who will be looking to sharpen their skills in the coming year.

With more than 1,200 students participating in the 2016-17 soccer seasons, the district will provide an even better experience for this year’s program in the spring. Elementary and middle school basketball and volleyball are also staples in the district that feature more than 60 participating teams in each season, and show a continual increase in their competition level.

As IPS Athletics continues discussions with USA Track & Field, local boxing clubs, the USA Tennis Association and others, they will continue to bring new and exciting sports options to younger IPS students, giving them the opportunity to find a passion and grow through all of the benefits of athletics.

To learn more about IPS sports programs, visit the IPS Athletics page at myips.org/ipsathletics. To sign up for a particular sport, contact the athletic director at your school.