Grandpa on the playground
–Sept. 30, 2016


Teachers and administrators often don’t get to hear how
their school and the people in it have touched someone’s life, but Center for
Inquiry (CFI) School 2 Principal Andrea Hunley recently did. 
Hunley received an email from a parent that moved her so
much, she had to share it. The letter speaks to the power of our children,
educators and schools. Enjoy!


Mrs. Hunley,


I wanted to follow up with
you regarding our conversation we had Friday night about Special Person’s Day.


Thank you so much for
taking the time to schedule such an important day for our CFI children and
their families.  Special Person’s Day is so important to our
kiddo’s. The smile on their faces are a big indication that they love to
share what they do with special people in their life.Tammy Raab Family


Originally, my mom and I
were the two special people scheduled to attend with Addison and Preston. But
on Sunday, Aug. 28, my grandmother passed away. This, of course, is
devastating to our family. We loved and will miss my grandmother very
much. When my grandmother passed away, a large part of my grandfather’s
heart went with her. They were married for over 60 years. He is a
retired teacher.  He is kind, loving, and is the inspiration for our
family. We all want to be like Grandpa. 


Every day since my
grandmother passed has been very hard on Grandpa. My mom and I decided
that she would bring Grandpa with her to Indianapolis so that they both could
attend Special Person’s Day. We weren’t sure how it would go. Would he be
okay? Or would he be sad and emotional.  We decided to give it a


And this is why I am
writing. For the first time in almost two weeks, my Grandpa smiled, he
laughed, he talked to the teachers and students in the building, he ran in the
PE class with Preston!! And after we left, he talked about how well
behaved the students were, how he really enjoyed watching the older kids take
care of the younger kids, how the science projects the kids do in 6th grade
sure are more advanced than he ever remembers and how good they were! And
he also said what a really nice school CFI was.  


I know that Friday was
extremely busy with the Community meeting, Special Person’s Day and Kids Night
In. (Which, by the way, we went out to a family dinner during KNI! More
smiles!) The day you all had planned meant the world to my Grandpa, my mother
and my entire family. And I cannot thank you enough. 


Sometimes you don’t realize
the impact you have made on someone until you are told.  So I wanted to be
sure to let you know. … Each and every teacher and staff member made an
impact that our family will always cherish.


Thank you so much.  

Tammy Raab