April 21, 2017

Zac Owens

Attucks varsity boys basketball player Zac Owens (right) poses with the winning hardware after the team’s 2017 ISHAA 3A Boys Basketball State Championship win and Banker’s Life Fieldhouse.
Members of the Crispus Attucks Varsity Boys Basketball Team
are still riding the wave of their title as the 2017 IHSAA 3A Boys Baskteball
State Champions!

While fans and community supporters know what these young
men can do on the court, we know little about who these scholar-athletes really
are. Throughout the remainder of the school year, each issue of The Achiever
will chat with one of the seniors of this winning basketball team.

This week we get to meet Zac Owens, who is also the senior
class president of Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School.


When did you first
start playing basketball?

“I actually started playing basketball when I was 3 years
old. My mom signed me up for the Ike Jackson league. Ike was actually my uncle,
so I got started playing there, and he was just a very big influence on my



What is your favorite
subject in school?

“My favorite subject is math. A lot of people don’t
understand it. I like being different. Once I knew I was able to succeed in math,
I just started loving it. I would help somebody in math who was strong in
English, and I’m not that strong in English. So they would help me and I would
help them, and that increased my appreciation for the subject.”



What is your favorite
thing to do away from school and off of the basketball court?

“That’s a tough question because outside of school I just go
to the gym and play ball. But, I just love spending time with my family because
they’re my main support system. They spend a lot of time at my games watching
me, so it’s always nice to spend some of my free time with them. We go to the
movies or out to eat with my mom, my grandma and my brother.” 



What is your favorite

“My favorite restaurant is probably Red Lobster. My favorite
thing to order is shrimp pasta. It’s just the perfect combination. You know Red
Lobster has the really good cheddar biscuits, so that just goes great together
with the shrimp pasta and the Alfredo sauce. It’s wonderful.”



Who is your favorite
professional athlete?

“My favorite professional athlete would have to be Russell
Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder). When I was younger, a lot of people would
look at me and say, ‘You play like Russell Westbrook.’ I would watch him, and
his aggression, and the way he plays reminds me of myself and the energy that I
bring on the court. I can relate to him.”