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2020-21 School Year P-EBT Benefits for Eligible Students

The State of Indiana has received approval from the USDA to issue additional P-EBT benefits to eligible students enrolled in Indianapolis Public Schools for the 2020-21 school year. 

For information about this program, please reference the FAQs and links below.

How do I apply for my student?

Parents need not apply; schools are asked to report all eligible students. 

Will I receive a new P-EBT card or do I keep the previous P-EBT card?

If a family already received a card from a previous round they will not receive a new card but instead the state will electronically load the funds on the existing cards. Families must not to lose their issued P-EBT card.

If a family did not receive a previous card, the 2020-21 submission will generate a new card for the family. 

How much will my student receive in benefits?

The benefit amount is determined by the school based upon the number of days the student participated in virtual learning, was in quarantine, or was out of school due to COVID-19 illness. 

Distribution of benefits may begin in early May.

How were the qualifying students identified?

The parent/student data for those to receive a P-EBT card was provided by the IPS IT department via PowerSchool to FSSA. These funds were mailed to the primary address families had on file in PowerSchool. If your family has not received a P-EBT card and was enrolled in IPS during the designated time frame, then you can update your mailing address with the Indiana Families and Social Services Administration (FSSA) HERENote: Only students who were included on the original upload can correct their address. No new names can be submitted using this form. 

If you would like additional information about this program, please click HERE.