Public Schools is proud to announce our 2017 Teacher of the Year, Micah Nelson.
Ms. Nelson teaches 6th– through 8th-grade social studies
at Center for Inquiry School 2. Her commitment to global awareness,
project-based learning and integrating
literacy and writing instruction into content area curriculum make her an example of excellence in education!Micah Nelson


Nelson joined the IPS family in 2004, and has proudly represented teamIPS
throughout her 13-year career as an educator. She is a member of the CFI
building leadership team and serves as a District Lead Literacy Teacher,
leading professional development trainings for her fellow educators. She has
been published for her research on Progressive Education and student buy-in.


many educators who grow up dreaming of their own classroom, Nelson did not
always know teaching was her calling. It wasn’t until she was a college student
witnessing the reactions around her after the World Trade Center attacks on
9/11 when she realized her passion to promote global awareness.


“I had all
kinds of minors, and kept taking classes to try to figure out what I really
wanted to ‘be when I grew up,’” said Nelson. “Finally, on September 11, 2001,
it came to me. In the discussions that occurred after that event, I realized
that many soon-to-be college graduates did not have the slightest understanding
of world events. I felt like the education system had failed them. Here were students
at a well-respected university who had never been pushed to think critically
about world events, and had an overly-simplistic view of complicated issues and
histories. At that point, I added an education degree to my history degree, and
have been trying to inspire an interest in world events in my students ever


graduated from Purdue University with degrees in history and education. She
went on to complete a master’s in Teacher Leadership from Butler University,
and is pursuing her master’s in Education Administration from Butler.


addition to positively impacting the lives of our students, Ms. Nelson is
helping to train the next generation of educators. She is an instructor in
Butler’s College of Education, leading prospective teachers through a course on
secondary education. Nelson enjoys mentoring future teachers as well as
educators in their first and second years of classroom instruction.


select our district’s top teacher, each IPS principal was invited to nominate
their building-level Teacher of the Year for consideration. Our selection
committee reviewed each nominee’s portfolio, including teaching philosophy,
professional accomplishments and instructional practices, to determine the
finalists and our 2017 winner.


We are
so proud of the positive and knowledgeable force Ms. Nelson is for CFI 2 and
our community, and we look forward to her representing IPS well in the nominee
pool for Indiana’s State Teacher of the Year!