2015-2016 Draft Budget Indianapolis Public Schools recently adopted the final version of our district budget for the year. A comparison between our draft and adopted budgets shows how as a district we’ve planned for the revenue reductions we were told were coming. We’ve anticipated a decline in funding from the state through the complexity index. We’ve fashioned our draft budget taking into account a state Basic Grant decrease of $91.40 per student. With financial discipline and stewardship, we’ve increased our efficiency in areas including Purchased Services and Supplies & Materials to realize savings there. Going forward, we will continue to be proactive and efficient both in planning for and managing our revenue and in governing our spending.

The notices accompanying the table outline the public hearing procedures regarding the budget.


Category2015 Adopted Budget2015-16 Draft Budget 
Tuition Support$230,825,000 $229,000,000
Local Revenue $1,550,000$1,550,000
Other State Revenue$625,000 $650,000
Federal Revenue$1,500,000$1,500,000
Totals $234,500,000$232,700,000


Category2015 Adopted Budget2015-16 Draft Budget 
Salaries$164,454,270 $164,568,543
Employee Benefits$51,129,394$52,571,471
Utilities$150,000 $150,000
Purchased Services$11,391,833$9,609,360
Supplies and Materials$3,964,403 $3,735,768 
Capital Outlay $708,284 $708,284 
Other $201,816 $156,574 
Desegregation Transfer Tuition $1,500,000  $1,200,000
Totals $233,500,000$232,700,000


Surplus (Deficit) $1,000,000 $0 
Revenue Assumptions:
  • Enrollment projected to be stable from Calendar 2015 to School Year 2015-2016.
  • Basic Grant projected to decrease $91.40 per student.

Expenditure Assumptions: 

  • Enrollment projected to be stable.
  • TRF projected to increase by 3%
  • Workers’ Compensation projected to increase from .6961% to 1%
  • Continued decrease in Desegregation Transfer Tuition.