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1st Maker Space Launches Computer Science Partnership with IPS

1st Maker Space, LLC, has launched an innovative computer science partnership with Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS). The #CSforIPS initiative is a multi-year strategy to provide students throughout the district with the opportunity to learn to code with Wonder Workshop robots. 

“Computer science is all about solving problems, and these employability skills are valued by employers across the State of Indiana as well as our global economy. The skills developed when students are working with Wonder Workshop products will enable them to solve future problems,” said Amanda Koth, IPS director of instructional design and support.

The #CSforIPS initiative has been in the planning phase for more than a year and has been generously funded through the support of the Eli Lilly and Company Foundation and the IPS Foundation. The initiative will begin with a cohort of 25 K–8 schools and 50 Computer Science Champions to coach classroom teachers on how to incorporate computer science into classroom instruction. Each building will have local flexibility to create and implement a plan that works for their community of learners. 

“Each Champion will receive virtual professional development this month followed by personal coaching from 1st Maker Space. In addition to receiving professional development, all IPS buildings participating in the project will receive a large Wonder Workshop Kit for implementation,” said Mary Rinehart, president and CEO of 1st Maker Space. “Physical computing is where the magic happens in computer science, and bringing Dash, Dot and Cue into the classroom will give students the opportunity to make these robots light up, move and make sound. We want to inspire them to learn.”

1st Maker Space has helped more than 100 schools and community centers across Indiana bring project-based learning and STEM to life through making. 1st Maker Space offers maker-centered furniture, equipment, STEM kits, curriculum and professional development. 

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